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Here are the lyrics for the song I named this blog after. It’s become like a theme song for me because it parallels the journey of my life.

“Butterfly Girl” by: Jaylene Johnson


Do you only remember the way you used to be
Full of fear and doubt and insecurity
Taking things that people said to build a web around you
Thinking you’d be safe in that place
I know your frightened and your wings are frail
But summer’s here and you’ve outgrown your silky veil
The walls of your cocoon have left no room for breathing
So break free…break free

Butterfly girl
Don’t you know your beautiful by now
Too long in hiding
Free to shine girl
Time to spread your wings
And show your colors to the world
Butterfly girl

Don’t you know that you’re a precious miracle
Suffering transformed to something wonderful
All the things that had you bound have only made you stronger
So trust me and fly
Trust me and fly

(c) Jaylene Johnson/Eldon Winter. Published by J Johnson Publishing (SOCAN) c/o Casablanca Media Publishing Inc. http://www.casablancapublishing.com

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