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Motivated by Love November 18, 2007

Posted by amybeth in Christianity, Deep.

Today our pastor was talking about being motivated by love. He spoke about how it was fine to pursue the spiritual gifts but only if our underlying motivation was love. He explained that we would know that we were motivated by love if we were first looking to practically meet any needs we could in others…if we gave of our time and our resources first instead of just passing on spiritual sounding encouragement without actually getting involved ourselves. And then, if we found we were truly motivated by love, it would naturally follow that any pursuit of spiritual gifts would be for the purpose of meeting the needs of others in ways beyond which we were physically capable. We wouldn’t be pursuing them out of selfish ambition or pride.The last couple of weeks I’ve been once again recognizing the need to connect with God more, to spend time in his presence. I want to grow closer to him, to hear his voice. But I find I am so easily distracted, so easily pulled away by other pursuits. I understand that if I truly needed God, if I truly acknowledge him as the most important thing in my life, then I would naturally put seeking his face first. But life just gets moving along and while things might not be stellar, they’re okay and well…meeting with God falls by the wayside.

But today our pastor’s sermon put a new spin on this struggle of mine. If I am only pursuing God to get closer to him myself, to become more spiritual myself, then no wonder I can put off my time with him whenever I feel things are going okay in my life, when there’s no crisis or need in my life that would drive me to seek him. But if I’m motivated by love, then my need to connect with God, to draw upon his resources will never cease, will never become optional because there are always needs in those around me that I am not sufficient in and of myself to meet. If I am motivated by love, therefore, I will be continually seeking the face of God, not only for myself, but for others.



1. Joseph Raymond - December 9, 2007

Thank God for the gifts of the Spirit. To pursue them. Yet they will in time be put away. Then there is seeking the need of others, yet without love they too will be put away.

To mature in God’s love, to have Jesus formed within us, though it may seem selfish to persue that relationship… is the only way to become selfless.

At least that is my reading of what you wrote and is the desire of my heart… at times… sigh

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