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Atheist’s Perspective on Church October 16, 2007

Posted by amybeth in Christianity.

My mom just gave me a printout of an interview with the atheist who agreed to visit a whole bunch of churches and give his perspective on them. He then wrote the book “I Sold My Sould on eBay”. Check out the full article here. The following are everal comments he made that got me thinking.

 1. He noticed that all Christians gave testimonies that went something like “I was hopeless and miserable. And now that I’ve found God, I’m much better.”  He never heard anyone saying that they were okay and are now better with God.  He himself doesn’t feel miserable so does that mean Christianity has nothing to offer him.  It’s an intriguing question.  I think sometimes we actually try and dramatize our testimonies so they’ll apparently have more pull, carry more weight. But maybe that can actually backfire.

 2. He commented on how, growing up with a religous family, when they saw people having a rough time, or who were homeless, etc. they were encouraged to ‘pray for them’ but rarely did anything. Now that he’s an atheist and doesn’t believe there’s a God that will step in to help these people, he feels more impetus to get personally involved. Ouch!  What a commentary against the apathy that has crept into the church.

3. He describes the way a service was run at a church he didn’t really like. His description reminded me of some of the seeker friendly churches that I’ve been too. Which is interesting…cuz this guy, the supposed target population of these types of churches,didn’t like what they were doing at all.

Read the article. What do you think? Have any of you read his book?


Zoned October 2, 2007

Posted by amybeth in Life.

Some of you are probably wondering if I’ve disappeared from cyberspace altogether. Nope…but I have been excessively busy. Not only do I have courses at University, but I’m doing a thesis this year, preparing applications for grad school, and I’ve taken on the role of youth leader at church. So…I’ve got a lot on my plate.

Case in point to illustrate just how brain-logged I must be. This morning I’m driving to school and I stopped at an intersection for a red light. I’m sitting there thinking away, semi-alert for when the light turns green. A car honking behind me brings me out of my reverie to realize that I am actually at a four way stop a block before I even get to the red light and that it was my turn to go a long time ago. Whoops. I felt a bit sheepish.

Any crazy zoned stories?

(Total side story…just something I thought was hilarious the other day. I’m sitting at Webster’s Falls enjoying a bit of solitude when these two young ladies walk by where I’m at. The one has a camera and the other is in what looks like a wedding or prom dress of some kind. They are trying to find unique shots and are even venturing knee deep into the creek and such to get them. I finally, out of curiosity, ask them what they are doing…are they actually taking photos for a special event or is this a photo student practicing with a friend as a model. They reply that this is called ‘Trash the Dress’. Apparently, the girl in the dress had been married shortly before but had been frustrated at the conservative, ‘safe’ nature of her wedding photos due to the necessity of preserving her dress for the reception, etc. So now that the wedding was over, she was out with a friend getting all the crazy shots she couldn’t get before. I thought that was hilarious…and kind of neat.)