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God’s Got a Crush on You July 2, 2007

Posted by amybeth in God.

Have you ever smiled at young people falling ‘in love’ for the first time, or goodnaturedly chuckled at someone who has a crush on somone else?  The emotion, the optimism, the nervousness and careful posturing for attention.  The particular image I have in mind is of the person who has fallen head over heels in love with someone who doesn’t even know they exist, at least as a potential partner.  Often such a person is remarkably resilient to advice that their affection may never be reciprocated. They have an uncanny ability to interpret even the slightest gesture in their direction as indicated undying devotion. We look on such people with a measure of amusement, but at the same time, a measure of admiration for their resilience. In romance books, sometimes the pairing is of a rich man of character who falls in love with a poor peasant girl, or even a prostitute who refuses him due to feelings of unworthiness. In this case, we cheer the gentleman on and rave about his gallantry. I would imagine that in some ways we relate, longing for someone to pursue us with such persistent love, to persist in the demonstration of their affection despite our fears or hurts that cause us to pull away, to mask our own response with disdain or even anger. The woman on the receiving end often thinks she is saving the hero from himself, keeping him from making a horrible decision and uniting himself permantly with someone so undeserving.

 I heard a song the other night loosely based on the Song of Solomon that talked of God loving us even in our weakness, calling us who are dark, lovely. I wish I had written down the words because they went on, expressing the longing of God’s heart for us in such a poignant way. The picture I came away with was the one I painted above. God has a crush on us. He is in love with us. Its the kind of love that causes him to look beyond our station in life or the poverty of our appearance. Its the kind of love that causes him to persist despite our resistance, despite our protestations of unworthiness, despite our deep-seated hurts and misperceptions based on past experience that cause us to act out in rebellion and rejection of his love. Its the kind of love that is unfailingly optimistic, that sees the potential in us and the potential in his relationship with us. Its the kind of love that is eager to interpret any small gesture on our part towards him as profound movement in his direction, as evidence of our affection, our devotion for him.

I still struggle often with feeling God is impatient or disappointed in me. I get exasperated with my inability to ‘get it’ sometimes and project that emotion onto God. And yet this picture leaves no room for such a reality. Instead, it puts on God’s face, that ever-present, almost irritatingly cheerful grin of someone head over heels in love – undisuadeable, undiscourageable – with me!



1. tlc - July 3, 2007

Perhaps this is a sign of cynicism – but I always thought the ‘rich guy’ from books and movies was nuts for falling for the lowly woman. But it does paint such an interesting picture.
I had an experience at church where God quite clearly whispered to my spirit “You are My child, in whom I am well pleased”. It was startling, and beautiful. In the moment, it was amazing to revel in. Later, however, I could only dwell on my faults – times I had to have disappointed Him, neglected my relationship with Him. It’s wonderful to think that God is SO in love with me, that he sees past my faults!

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