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Creation Museum June 9, 2007

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Yesterday at work, some colleagues were viewing a post about a new Creation Museum that has just opened up in the States. Apparently whoever made the post visited the place and posted a bunch of pictures about his visit. Check the post out here.

I was intrigued. I once thought it would be cool to open a Bible museum like the Ontario Science centre whre you could experience the stories of the Bible…try on a priest’s outfit, walk through the tabernacle, try a slingshot, pretend to walk on water, etc.  This museum’s premise is a bit different in that its purpose is to present Creationism…and defame evolution.

As I went through the pictures and some of the comments people made on the post…I was actually deeply disturbed.  I find it frustrating when Christians do things that are only going to generate more criticism.  Some of the pictures show displays that are so…I’m not even sure what the word is.  The display aren’t just presenting an alternative interpretation of scientific data…I feel like they are mocking the data itself.  And some of the so called Biblical claims they make seem ridiculous to me…and I’m a Christian.

I have to admit that I lean more towards a literal 6 day Creation, approximately 6,000 years ago…and yet, I don’t feel comfortable with the message this museum is presenting (note that I say “lean”…I see how other points of view could be valid also). It feels like a gimmick…and a gimmick that is generating a lot of negative press for Christianity.

 Aaargh…I’m not even sure how to explain how I feel about it.  Check it out and let me know your thoughts.



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