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Unreached June 22, 2007

Posted by amybeth in Deep.

I’ve been reading some biographies about missionaries over the last little bit and have been pondering what it might be like to go and work with an unreached people group. In general, the first step is to simply ‘be’…to observe and to learn the language.

And then I got thinking about all the ‘unreached’ groups within our own culture…the gangs, or the punk kids, or the homeless, etc.  Do we use the same strategy?  Do we start with simple observation, immersion, non-judgemental learning to speak their language?

My impression is that more often, we insulate ourselves in our churches. To be a part of ‘those’ cultures might expose us to vulgarity, to learn ‘their’ language might require us to process irreverant comments.  How come, when its a part of a tribal nation its okay, but when its a part of our own, its not?  Are we viewing it through the lens of ‘they should know better’?

Hmm…more questions than answers this time.


Mystery Solved June 22, 2007

Posted by amybeth in Life.

My CD player sits up on top of a small cupboard/shelf thing I have in my room.  It has a power button which, for the most part is left on.  But every once in awhile I’ll go to press play and nothing will happen because the power button has been pushed off.  Its puzzled me a bit…I’ve wondered if for some reason it just timed out or something.

And then today, I was sitting in my room and watched as our cat jumped up onto the shelf and started walking…on TOP of my cd player. As I watched him get his footing, I realized, he was the culprit. He had likely done this before and accidentally pushed the power button. 

But…even more hilarious today. As I’m watching, suddenly he walked on the button that turned the radio on. As the music blasted out, he leaped off the shelf in pure panic mode.  Serves him right 🙂

Any mysteries you’ve puzzled over that have been solved when a pet was discovered to be the culprit?

Hitchhiker June 22, 2007

Posted by amybeth in Life.

Hmm…well, to start with, I had a really hard time typing that title…doesn’t it seem like its spelled weird with the two h’s together.  But I checked…and its right.

 Anyways…to the story.

The other day I was sitting in my school library with my backpack nearby. I happened to glance down at my bag and notice that it seemed to be moving. On closer inspection, I realized that a caterpillar had attached itself to the front. And it wouldn’t budge (their numerous legs give them an awfully good grip).  After an initial panic (I’m getting better at dealing with bugs but I can’t seem to stifle that instinctive shudder that goes through me), I decided to carry the bag outside (holding it far away from me) and find a stick to entice the catepillar away. 

As I was walking, someone looked at me strange, and I commented that I had picked up a hitchhiker.  It just came out…and as soon as I said it I chuckled to myself.  It was so appropo (is that a word?).  But of course, the person I said it too just looked at me even stranger.

In case anyone is wondering, I did manage to get the caterpillar off and leave him in a grassy space. 

Renovation June 9, 2007

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In case anyone is interested…I completely renovated (redid) my ‘About’ page.

Creation Museum June 9, 2007

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Yesterday at work, some colleagues were viewing a post about a new Creation Museum that has just opened up in the States. Apparently whoever made the post visited the place and posted a bunch of pictures about his visit. Check the post out here.

I was intrigued. I once thought it would be cool to open a Bible museum like the Ontario Science centre whre you could experience the stories of the Bible…try on a priest’s outfit, walk through the tabernacle, try a slingshot, pretend to walk on water, etc.  This museum’s premise is a bit different in that its purpose is to present Creationism…and defame evolution.

As I went through the pictures and some of the comments people made on the post…I was actually deeply disturbed.  I find it frustrating when Christians do things that are only going to generate more criticism.  Some of the pictures show displays that are so…I’m not even sure what the word is.  The display aren’t just presenting an alternative interpretation of scientific data…I feel like they are mocking the data itself.  And some of the so called Biblical claims they make seem ridiculous to me…and I’m a Christian.

I have to admit that I lean more towards a literal 6 day Creation, approximately 6,000 years ago…and yet, I don’t feel comfortable with the message this museum is presenting (note that I say “lean”…I see how other points of view could be valid also). It feels like a gimmick…and a gimmick that is generating a lot of negative press for Christianity.

 Aaargh…I’m not even sure how to explain how I feel about it.  Check it out and let me know your thoughts.

Confessions June 9, 2007

Posted by amybeth in Life.

Well…some of you are probably wondering where I’ve been since I haven’t posted anything in a little while.  If I tell you, you are going to laugh!  Really.

Okay…I’ll admit it…I joined a Christian singles website forum.  Think I’m weird.  Well, I thought I was weird at first too. But seriously, there aren’t many Christians my age around here in arenas where it would be possible for us to connect.  I was thinking how bizarre it is that as our world supposedly expands due to the speed of travel (we can go a lot farther than the horse and buggy or even the train could take you decades ago)…but at the same time, its shrunk…we now live inside our cocoons, facing our TVs or our computers. Its sad.

And instead of fighting it, I’ve given in. I have spent the last week sitting at my computer, tweaking my profile and sending emails to strangers.  The sad thing is…no one is emailing back (patience Amy…patience!). 

And so…needless to say…I’ve been a bit distracted.

Oh…other news announcing my caving in to the culture around me…I joined FaceBook.  Yikes!  There were a couple friends who keep adding me…and I haven’t seen them in forever and wanted to know how they were doing, what they looked like…and since I couldn’t view their profiles without joining…I joined. 

Sighh…do you think worse of me now (ha ha)!?

Anyways…its been an interesting experience.