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Reduntantly Unique May 26, 2007

Posted by amybeth in Deep.

Here’s a question that has always puzzled me…

There is something in the heart of mankind that longs to be needed, longs to do something that will make a difference, to feel fulfilled. In many ways we speak of being a Christian and bringing the kingdom of Christ to earth as our ‘mission’ and we talk of purpose and destiny…we compare being a Christian to being on a great adventure like Frodo in the Lord of the Rings. We emphasize how God has made each one special, gifted them, and placed them for ‘such a time as this’. All of these analogies and descriptions serve to feed this deep need to be significant.

And yet, we also are quick to say that if we don’t do what God has called us to do, if we don’t speak to that person God placed in our path, or take advantage of the opportunities before us…well, God will raise up someone else.  Somehow, God’s plan will go forward with or without us.

So…are we unique…or are we redundant?  Which of these truths (or perhaps parts of both) are solidly based in Scripture, and which are formed from our own reasoning to try and make us feel better?



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