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Vicarious Winning May 12, 2007

Posted by amybeth in Life.

Yesterday I get a phone message from a party store in St. George saying I’ve won a balloon boquet for my mom for mother’s day and to call them and pick it up.

First…I never entered a draw.  Second, I don’t even know where St. George is let alone been to a party store there.  Huh???

Then I find out that my mom was in a store next door to this party store yesterday doing some scrapbooking.  The owner of the party store came over to ask someone else to do the draw for her, but before they did, she had my mom and the other lady present put in the names of their kids…so we could potentially win for them.  And then when the other lady drew a name…it was mine.  My mom was so excited…she won something….sort of…cuz well…I won it.  She’s even picked out the balloon she wants even though she wasn’t allowed to pick it up (actually she left me a choice between two apparently).  So now I have to go into St. George to pick up this boquet that I? won.

It made for a rather amusing tale…ha ha.

Does anyone out there have any really unique or special mother’s day traditions…beyond just getting together with family for dinner or something?  My mom’s birthday and mother’s day always fall wihin a day of each other and so it ups the ante of what I should do to make the day special…and I’m often stumped.



1. Hamameliss - May 23, 2007

I’m afraid I often opt out of the Mother’s Day thing (except for flowers/card/phone call) because of several things:
1) I forget it is Mother’s Day (out of the country too much)
2) it is the same month as my Mom’s birthday
3) it is the same month as my parent’s wedding anniversary
4) it is the same month as my sister’s birthday
5) it is ALMOST the same month as my birthday!

All of which are very poor excuses for a feeble memory (sort of)!

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