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Flaws May 3, 2007

Posted by amybeth in Deep, God.

Okay…I thought of a cool analogy today.  I don’t know anything about real diamonds and how they are evaluated/refined so this may not be entirely accurate…but work with me, okay.

Pretend you’ve just been given a crude diamond and told it has 10 flaws. You were also informed that if the flaws are found and removed, the diamond will be worth a million dollars.  I’d imagine you’d get that diamond under a magnifying glass and a bright light and start searching right away.  Every flaw you found would be a cause for rejoicing.

Now picture God.  He knows what we are worth…we are priceless.  But he also knows that we are flawed.  So he sent his Holy Spirit – his magnifying glass and bright light – to search us and find those flaws so that he can remove them and shape us into the valuable gem that he knows we are. 

Too often I picture God shaking his head with disappointment when he exposes yet another flaw in me.  And yet, if this analogy holds any worth, he is instead rejoicing.  My dad once spoke of the joy of repentance and I’m guessing this is a part of that.  The exposure of my weakness or error is not a cause for discouragement but a cause for celebration because it means that God can get into that area and restore it.  He’s not looking at each exposure as diminishing my worth but rather increasing it, bringing it closer to the full value he knows is possible. 

Its a totally different perspective. And if we truly believed this, we would turn our face towards the light and welcome him to ‘search us and know us’ as the Psalmist said.



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