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Character May 3, 2007

Posted by amybeth in Deep, God.

I was writing in my journal the other day, listening to record what I felt God speak to me and I wrote this…

“I rejoice as you allow me to shape your character, the image of me in you.”

The last phrase hit me.  I know that I’m created in God’s image, but I’ve never connected that with my character before.  I’ve always thought of character development as a serious business…you know…discipline and all that.  However, what if our ‘character’ is primarily the result of how we view God, the image we carry of him in our mind’s eye.  If we view God as angry or a taskmaster, our character will have a hard edge to it, we will be defensive and strive to earn love.  But if we view God as loving, kind, always for us, and so on…we will be softer, more loving and generous ourselves.  Those life-giving expressions will just naturally flow out of us.  Hence the idea that we are to reflect God to the world…but we can only reflect what we gaze upon.  Thus if we gaze upon our falsely contrived image of God, we will reflect a false image.  But the more we spend time with God and learn his true character, the more we will reflect his true nature.

Thus, character development is not about a harsh regime of discipine…but about cultivating a love relationship with our Father.  Interesting twist, eh?



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