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quit blogging??? April 26, 2007

Posted by amybeth in Life, School.


When a friend posted this question, I realized it was time for me to quit thinking about posts I wanted to put up here, and actually do it.  For anyone who wants an explanation of what’s been occupying my time and preventing me from bloggin, read on (warning – the last section of the explanation isn’t safe for those who gross out easily).

Well, to begin with, as usual, life got a little busy for me at the end of the semester with end of term papers, studying for exams and marking assignments for my two TA positions. On top of that, I organized a Passover celebration at our church.  It went really well…we had a turn out of approximately 70 people. I taught on a lot of the symbolism, we had different people participating with readings, we had a skit, a billow red sea that we crossed over, an explosion of celebration with tamborines, dance and flags, a kid’s search for leaven, a slide show about the lamb of God, a meal, communion, worship and more. It was a lot of work…but a blast…and people testified to being really touched…yay!

For me, the revelation I got while preparing was really amazing. As I reflected on how God set the feast of Passover in place to commemorate his redemption of the Israelites from Israel and the way he tied the symbols of this feast into so many other symbols and prophecies that pointed to the Messiah, I was in awe of his love. His love for us has the strength of 6,000 years of force behind it. When Paul says that nothing can separate us from God’s love…he really means nothing. I was thinking of an analogy in that when we ladies hear someone telling about how their fiancee proposed, the thing that usually makes us ooh and ahh is the planning the gentleman put into it. Well, God’s proposal, in essence, to us deserves a really big awwww cuz it’s planning was beyond comprehension.

And then (this is the gross part), just as I was getting ready to take my exams, I got sick. I thought it was just a nasty cold and was struggling to study and make it through. But then, within the space of a few hours, my eye got all red, swelled up, and started ejecting yellow guck. I went to the doctor and she said I had a serious sinus infection that had built up enough pressure to seek release through my eye. YUCK! Anyways, I went on antibiotics, had to defer two of my exams, and have spent the last two weeks recovering. I still find I get tired really easy.

So…most of my time has been spent watching DVD’s of old TV shows, reading novels, and sleeping. Hence the lack of real profound thinking that would lead to entries for this blog.  But hopefully, now that I’m on the mend, I’ll get back to pondering about the mysteries…and the strange curiosities…of life.

K…safe question…has anybody out there celebrated a Jewish feast…how did you find the experience…did it add anything to your faith?

K…unsafe question…anyone else experience a gross or surprising medical condition (if its really bad…answer the first question).



1. patti - April 27, 2007

Ignore my email asking how the Passover thing went – obviously you have answered it.

You know, you can’t just THINK about posting – you have to jump in and post – how can we all comment on your unpublished thoughts? Besides, if you think too long, your thoughts become too brilliant, and we are all intimidated. Or maybe that’s just me.

Safe question – don’t think I’ve celebrated a Jewish feast. I’m up for any feast, though.

Unsafe question – Got the flu last summer on the first really hot day. Jeff was away somewhere. I live on the 2nd and 3rd floor of an old house, with no control over the thermostat, and the landlady had left for the day without turning on the AC. So it got DESPERATELY HOT in the apartment. And my fever WOULD NOT go down.

The surprising part – I realized as I was trying to move once again from the bathroom upstairs to the bedroom, that my vision was going dark and I was swaying. Had to lay down on the floor for awhile so I wouldn’t pass out. Never done that before!!

I finally called my parents to come and take me to their air-conditioned house.

2. Hamameliss - May 7, 2007

Hmmm, I should probably stay away from the unsafe question. I will be praying that you recover your strength soon.

Safe Question: I celebrated quite a few when in the Holy Land. I think the one that impacted me the most was celebrating Purim and realizing how much we had to rejoice for when we serve a God who will redeem us from the hand of the enemy even when he schemes to gain a place of power over us. God has a plan to thwart him at every step and he does it by using ordinary people that he places in extraordinary places.

3. amybeth - May 8, 2007

Hamameliss…yeah, knowing your profession, staying away from the unsafe question is probably a good bet : ) Thanks for your prayers…I am better now. But it did take over two weeks to gain my energy back. I sorta celebrated Purim once…it was with a dance group here and we dressed up and did a skit and had funny plates of food. I have to admit my thoughts were not as profound as yours was…I just chuckled at what seemed like a Jewish version of Halloween.

Patti…you are the second or third person to comment that my thoughts intimidate them…what’s that about? I certainly don’t want to do that. Any suggestions on how I can communicate my thoughts in a less intimidating way? And with regards to your unsafe thought, that experience does not sound fun at all…I’ve felt dizzy before and that was an awful feeling, but I’ve never been almost about to black out. I don’t think I’d like that.

4. Peter - July 20, 2007

Back when I used to teach sunday school, (gr 4) one of the other teachers decided to do a mini passover meal for the class. I don’t recall it doing anything for my faith, but it was interesting. Being a guy, I appreciated the food element as much as the symbolism. 🙂 It’s my first memory of eating lamb, and one of the rare times I actually enjoyed eating bitter herbs with something! From an intellectual point of view, I find Jewish feats interesting, both because they sometimes hint at things to come (passover) or show God’s nature as being joyful, not a stick in the mud! Yes, God wants us to enjoy life! Yay!

Gross medical condition? Post nasal drip. Basically, everyone has some mucus (snot) in their throat at all times, because the nose and throat are connected. I have an above-average amount, which means that I have to regularly spit it out to avoid having it irritate my throat. Over the years I’ve gotten used to it as a steady irritant, but every now and then I’ve seen people surprised to see me spit on the grass, and realize “oh yeah, other people don’t do that”. On the other hand, if they ask me to stop, it gives me the opportunity to use the line: “Well, it hinders my ability to breathe. I suppose I *could* stop coughing it up, but I’ve grown kind of fond of breathing…”

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