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Present(ce) March 10, 2007

Posted by amybeth in God.

I read something the other day that has stuck with me all week. The passage was talking about how we often talk about feeling God’s presence…we evaluate a worship service or a personal prayer time by how much, how close, or how ‘manifest’ his presence felt to us. The author challenged his readers to consider how ‘present’ we are to God. How much of our presence does he feel when we meet with him. Are we fully open, transparent, giving of our whole selves, or do we hold back, censure our comments, and generally stay aloof.

Father forgive me for presuming to evaluate you when it is me, always me, who needs to change. Teach me to open up, like a flower in the sunshine…face to face, presence to presence.



1. TLC - March 20, 2007

How true – I often find myself waiting to feel God’s presence. It’s a strange thing to think about, because when you’re waiting to feel him, your thoughts are consumed with ‘what will His presence feel like today’ and then there’s the ‘maybe He’s here and I’m just not in tune with Him yet’. Looking back, it’s very distracting – and certainly not what God’s looking for in me.
What a great, challenging thought you’ve posted!!

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