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The Impossible February 22, 2007

Posted by amybeth in Deep.

At a conference this past weekend, I learned that the rabbi’s of the first century were already talking about the concept of the kingdom of heaven when Jesus came on the scene. To them, the kingdom of heaven started back when the Israelites were brought out of Egypt. The essence of this ‘kingdom’ was God’s finger (power) breaking into an impossible situation, a declaration that he reigned, a time in the desert to teach obedience to the king, and a promise that with obedience, they would be a kingdom of priests. Jesus taught these very same principles in that he came to us while were dead in our transgressions, we confess him as Lord, we are taught to obey by the Holy Spirit, and we are promised eternal life reigning with him.

My point today is that the kingdom of heaven begins with God breaking into the impossible. We are to seek first the kingdom of God, and yet we tend to avoid the impossible. We’ll be nice and generous in situations where it seem like our help will do some good. But if the situation looks hopeless, we will often, at best, offer up a half-hearted prayer that God will intervene, but we rarely commit ourselves, fearing that we’ll fall flat on our face, embarrassed. If his kingdom is found at the intersection of the impossible and God’s power, why are we seeking it in the safe corridors of our churches and the easy service opportunities that make us feel good? We’ll never find it there.

Father, give us the faith to seek out the impossible, to purposely get involved in situations where only your power can make a difference…help us position ourselves to see your kingdom established here on earth. May your will be done, your kingdom come!



1. Judy - March 5, 2007

I think that my fear is that I don’t know God’s answer to the impossible….He works in mysterious ways and my thoughts and answers are not His.
I have seen impossible situations answered in ways that I didn’t necessarily agree with but I know God was in the answer and He taught so much through it…..where if I had imposed what I believed was the right way ….the lessons would not have been learned.
I think sometimes God wants us to be involved in the impossible by walking beside people in impossible situations and demonstrating the love of Christ to them.

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