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Chimp Stone Age February 13, 2007

Posted by amybeth in Life.

Okay…there’s ridiculous and then there’s ridiculous.

I just read a news article today in the Globe and Mail that reported an archaeological dig that found evidence that Chimps used stones to crack open nuts 4,300 years ago. Scientists are apparently all excited because using stones for tools was thought to be only a humand thing and thus this points to a common ancestor.

Using stones to crack nuts? I think there are animals that are much more sophisticated than that and we don’t credit them with their own ‘stone age’. For example, in a class the other day we learned about birds that use a small twig to dig seeds out of tree cavities that are too deep for them to reach with their beaks.

I’m sorry…I’m just not getting what is so exciting about this ‘discovery’ or how it connects chimps and humans to a common ancestor.



1. hamameliss - February 19, 2007

That seems somewhat nonsensical to me as well, because scientists already know that chimps use various tools. It’s one of the things that they thought linked apes/chimps to humans long ago. Chimps today will use sticks and various tools to aid them in getting bugs. So, yeah, don’t see what they are getting all excited about!

2. hamameliss - February 19, 2007

Ok, now that I went and actually read the article in question…I guess I kind of get their point as far as who did what first, but I have serious issues with how they can tell that it was a rock used by a chimp vs. a rock used by a human. Just ’cause they haven’t found human remains in a particular area doesn’t mean they weren’t there.

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