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Scared Silly January 29, 2007

Posted by amybeth in Life.

I am a teaching assistant for an introductory psychology class. I did not realize that this class included an introduction to statistics. Typically, as a third year student, I should have already taken statistics but due to certain circumstances,  I am only now taking the class. Thus, the principles and formulas and such are not yet fully cemented in my head and now I have to answer questions from confused first years. Ahhhh. Anyways, I had hoped to start off the year with a good first tutorial, sounding strong and confident, ready to tackle anything they threw my way. But now I’m looking ahead to the first tutorial tonight and I’m just plain scared silly. I’m sure I’ll fake it well enough…but my insides will be quaking a little bit. The things I get myself into…sighh. But being scared aside…I’m quite excited about being able to actually teach a bit.

ps. Did I mention that there could be up to 200 students in this tutorial? Yikes!



1. Hamameliss - January 30, 2007

eek! I would probably panic a little bit internally too!

I’m sure you will have fun though,

Let us know how it turned out…

PS…If you have questions about statistics, I might be able to help you out (if I can remember anything from my 5 semesters of stats that is…;)

2. running pastor - January 30, 2007

how did it go?

i can’t offer you any help at all. never took statistics, and it sounds awful.

3. amybeth - January 30, 2007

How did it go? Well…you remember I said there were supposed to be 150-ish people there? I had myself all psyched up for that….and 15 showed up…in a room that could seat 150. That kind of threw me off balance. I tried to review the stuff that had been taught in the previous class but considering the blank looks and scrunched up foreheads, I might have confused them more. There were times I stopped and listened to myself and couldn’t figure out myself what I meant. I’ve tutored one-on-one, taught classes for children, and led small group discussions, but I’m not sure I’ve ever really taught anything to adults in this kind of setting before. If it was my own material, I think I’d do fine. But I have enough trouble getting my head around statistics to do my own homework let alone explain it to someone else. Next week should be better cuz I know the material inside and out. But as for this week…sighh…I don’t feel like I did very well. I hope they survive despite me : ) And I know I probably feel worse about it than it actually was.

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