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Gates January 22, 2007

Posted by amybeth in Deep.

Yesterday we had a guest speaker at church and he spoke from the book of Nehemiah. I’ve heard all sorts of sermons from Nehemiah, usually about building up the walls of the church, being ready with tools in one hand and a sword in another. This speaker, however, put a different spin on it. He works with disadvantaged youth in the downtown of Hamilton and as a chaplain for the prisons and has seen horror stories of broken lives. He talked of how these young people have had their walls completely broken down, their gates destroyed. They have no defences against all that the enemy is bringing against them. For him, Nehemiah is his hero, an example of one, who despite the seemingly impossible nature of the situation, returned to build up the walls and restore the gates. He asked us if we are willing to face the impossible and work with God to restore the walls in the lives of broken people.

I guess it hit me because I’ve looked at the anger and bitterness present in hurting people and seen walls that need to be broken down, but I never thought of how, instead, that could equally be a reaction from a place of complete defenseless and insecurity because they have no healthy defenses. How often have I turned away because it seemed impossible to reach someone behind their walls instead of interceding and standing in the breaches to provide some safe space for them to consider truth and love again?



1. Judy - January 29, 2007

This is so true. How willing are we to be rejected by someone who is hurting? We need to continue to be there, pray for them etc and continue to press through until we reach them. There are so many hurting people who don’t open up because they don’t trust that you will continue to be there for them once their hurt has been exposed.
Are we willing to look past the hurt, sacrifice our feelings and demonstrative the love of Christ to them?

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