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Scarlet January 19, 2007

Posted by amybeth in God.

I was driving home today listening to WDCX. The host (or whatever you call him) was speaking with someone who had called in to answer a trivia question. The question was what color God used to refer to our sin. The answer was scarlet. But then he added a bit of trivia explaining that in Bible times, the color scarlet was associated with prostitutes.

That got me thinking. So many times in the Bible God lamented how the nation of Israel turned to other gods. He talked of it as though they were prostituting themselves. In some ways, that picture gets at the very core of what sin is. Its subsituting other things for God, turning to other pleasures to try to fill that which only God can fill. Its not so much a violation of a set of rules as it is a heart response towards the Creator. In fact, those rules themselves can become like another lover when we look to our adherence record for our security rather than God.

There are more analogies flitting on the edge of my thoughts about how the connotations of the color scarlet relate to sin, but I can’t quite pin them down. I think I’ll ponder on it awhile.



1. Hamameliss - January 23, 2007

And yet it was a scarlet strand hung out her window (likely advertising her prostitute status) that saved Rahab in Jericho and caused her to become a part of the lineage of Christ…
your wandering medical friend again (LOL)

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