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Light Effects January 9, 2007

Posted by amybeth in Deep.

The other day I was up quite early (early for me anyways). The atmosphere outside was beautiful. It was chilly, but the light had this gentle quality about it that made everything feel almost other-world-ly (I couldn’t find a good word for this). I spent some time looking out the window at an expanse of trees that at any other time of day would be described as dull, boring, lifeless. But somehow, in the early morning light, the bare limbs were transformed into a gorgeous expanse of golden color that was delightful to look at. 

The scene got me thinking about light. Most photography books talk about how the best time for taking photos is early in the morning or late in the afternoon. The light is best at these times and creates the softest, most pleasing pictures. Light at other times can be too harsh and light at noon can create too many shadows.

Well, that led me to thinking about how God is light. When he shines his light into a situation, even the harshest features of that circumstance are softened. When he shines his light on a person, the most unloveable can appear beautiful. Its a nature analogy for the truth that God turns all things into good for them that love the Lord.

But I also thought of how a judgemental person is described as cold. When I judge a person, shine my light to expose their sin, that light is cold and makes everything ugly.

May I learn to live in God’s light and to extend that light towards others.

Does God speak to you through nature?



1. Judy - January 11, 2007

Always and in so many ways. The changing seasons… fall ….leaves changing colours, spring …new life and birth…..etc speaks to me all the time ….dying to self….new life…the many changes we go through in our lives etc. I appreciate the beauty of nature …it proves to me every day that there is a God.

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