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Remington Steele January 4, 2007

Posted by amybeth in Life.

I must admit it…I am addicted to Remington Steele….not the guy, but the show. I don’t think he’s my type, but then I’m not sure at this stage who is. But the show with its wit and its intrigue, I love! I was given the first three seasons for Christmas and have been watching a lot of them. My mom and I sit there and watch one, laugh our heads off, then look at each other and raise our eyebrows with a mutually understood ‘Shall we watch another?’ Its most amusing.

What shows do you remember from your childhood or what shows do you watch that just seem to connect with you…your funny bone or your way of thinking?



1. running pastor - January 4, 2007

M*A*S*H – hilarious!

And Little House on the Prairie – Not particularly funny, except when Mrs. Olsen flushed the w.c. on her head, but to this day, I can hum the theme song at a moment’s notice.

And the West Wing – was very witty until they changed writers.

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