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Cat’s Meow January 3, 2007

Posted by amybeth in Life.

Where does the expression ‘cat’s meow’ come from anyway?

My cat last night was bizarrely aggravating. My mother’s been complaining lately because Purrcy (short for Mr. Purr-sonality) has been voluntarily coming to sit on my lap and such but he won’t stick around to cuddle with my mom. He has been unusually affectionate towards me over the last couple weeks.

But last night, I’m laying in bed and I hear rustling under my bed. Its a good thing I’ve outgrown the fear of monsters stage (ha ha). Yes…it was the cat. So I picked him up and carried him into my mother’s room and dumped him on her bed. I then walked down the hall back to my room. As I was walking I heard something rush past me…and sure enough, the cat had beaten me back. 

So I tried to catch him again, but he’d decided to be smart and would run underneath the desk or behind the couch or some other awkward place where I couldn’t reach him. So I sat on my bed and pretended to read. He’d come close but as soon as I put my book down, he’d dash away again. I tried teasing him with a sock to get him to play and come close. He’s usually a sucker for such things, but this time he always stayed out of arms reach. How is it that cat’s are so smart sometimes and act so dumb other times?

Anyways…I think it took me 10 minutes to finally catch him. This time I took him into my mom’s room and had her hold him until I made it back to my room and closed the door.

Got any really ‘smart’ cat stories?



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