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Chamber Music December 10, 2006

Posted by amybeth in Life.

I went to see a youth choir today with my brother. They sang Gloria along with several Christmas carols. They were very good (apparently they have won several awards and stuff). Anyways, the point is that neither my brother nor I realized the difference between a concert choir and a chamber choir, but this group had both.  Apparently a chamber choir sings without instrumental accompianment. I liked that the best. They did some really unique sounding pieces. Maybe my brother will make a cultural conossieur out of me yet.

What do you enjoy/participate in that you consider ‘cultured’? What does it really mean to be cultured?



1. running pastor - January 4, 2007

i went to see “the importance of being earnest” in t.o. last summer. i loved it!!!

and felt very cultured.

oh yeah, also saw “bowfire” this fall, which was also a cultural experience, i guess.

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