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Propositional Reality May 19, 2006

Posted by amybeth in God, Old Blog.

Okay…lets get philosophical. When we think about things, objects, we are able to distinguish between what is real and what is not…at least most of the time. Take an apple for example. No matter how many sentences we use to describe the apple, they are only sentences. The real apple is the physical entity itself. We can say that apples are blue and that statement’s lack of truth does not change the reality of what an apple is. However, for some reason, this separation between description and reality isn’t so easy to apply to God. In fact, I think our propositions about God are more real to us than God himself is. Denominational fights are often over a proposition. Losing faith often occurs when a proposition about God no longer fits well with the rest of our understanding of the world. We don’t hold to the truth deep down that God is real. There is a being named God who exists and does not change regardless of how feeble or even false our efforts are to describe him. Coming to an understanding that God is real…period….is the only thing that will give us security to stand in confidence when our understanding of everything else seems shaky.  

I know many things about God. But they are all propositions. I’m seeking an encounter with the living God, an experience of his power yes, but even more so an inner awareness of the creation making awesomeness of his still small voice that will awaken in me such a conviction of his existence. If I could grasp, truly grasp his reality…then my questions become mere exercises…important for relationship yes, but unable to excuse me from the necessity of bowing in humility before the God of the universe, the high king of heaven, to whom all honor and glory is due.



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