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Worship=Value May 14, 2006

Posted by amybeth in Deep, Old Blog.

My dad made a comment the other day that has stuck with me. He was talking about how the word ‘worship’ does not hold any particularly significant meaning today. Other than a vague idea that it involves singing songs, few know what it means to worship God. He then said that worship is synonymous with value. When we act in such a way that demonstrates the value that we give to something, that is worship.

That really struck me. Can people see from my life – can I see from my life – and most importantly, can God see from my life, that he is the most valuable thing to me. Unfortunately, I don’t think so. I ‘value’ my sleep more than spending time with God. I ‘value’ the rejuvination of reading a book more than the rejuvination of soaking in God’s presence. I ‘value’ other people’s advice about decisions I’m making more than I do God’s. I work more on and therefore ‘value’ my relationships with my friends more than I do my relationship with God.

Father, forgive me. I want to value you more than anything else. Reveal to me the value I’m placing on things and other people in comparison to the value I place on my relationship with you.



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