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Fun May 14, 2006

Posted by amybeth in God, Life, Old Blog.

Two weeks ago I started a new job. Its very different from any job I’ve held before. There’s a lot more self-direction, finding both the questions and the answers. Being used to work that was very structured and measured, my first couple of days were culture shock and very frustrating. But then I had a conversation with my employer who told me to relax, I was doing fine, and the main priority was to have fun while learning. Fun? I began to think about my relationship with God and how I so often drive myself to achieve some kind of self-determined level of progress when in actual fact, he’s longing for me to relax a bit and enjoy the journey. To have fun. In my employer’s words there was a vote of confidence, a recognition that I was a good worker and would use my time valuably – she trusted me. I believe God also trusts us. True, he knows our weaknesses and yet he’s placed a new heart within us – a heart that desires him. As long as we are walking in relationship with him, we don’t have to prove ourselves, prove that we are good Christians. We can just be – and have fun along the way. Fancy that!



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