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Asking for Help May 14, 2006

Posted by amybeth in God, Old Blog.

 have a habit of not really asking God for help particularly in making decisions. Oh, I’ll throw up token prayers asking him to guide me, but they can often make me feel more guilty than assured. I think I’ve been lost in no-man’s land between two principles.1. Always desire God’s will more than any alternative. (and I do!)

2. Seek God’s face not just his hand. (in other words, don’t relate to God purely on the basis of what he can do for you)

But I’ve recently realised that by keeping God out of my every day life, I’m actually saying I don’t value his input. If a husband and wife kept each other at a distance, never including their spouse in the everyday events that made up their life, there would be no basis for trust and relationship – they would feel unloved. Yes, if I just sought God for answers as if he were a vending machine of good advice, I’d be wrong. But its absolutely critical for intimacy that I make space for him in every aspect of my life, big and small, giving him room to speak, to relate, to participate.

The meeting place for the two principles I stated earlier is in the fact that God’s will does not consist of textbook answers but of interacting in relationship. As such, seeking his will and seeking his face become the same thing.



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