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Security = Grace April 5, 2006

Posted by amybeth in Deep, Old Blog.

I was reading a novel the other day where one character was describing another, commenting on how he didn’t seem afraid of questions and challenges to his faith, feeling free to accept disagreements without allowing them to divide. That character responded: “You are right. I see nothing whatever to be anxious about in such disagreement. Perhaps it is because I so strongly believe that all truth will in the end be known that I feel so little anxiety to right every error here and now.”

I was struck by this reminder that my security must be in God, in my belief that he is in control and loves the people I disagree with as much as he loves me. My anxiety about unbelievers or even about churches that don’t parallel my particular perspective on life is a burden I am not meant to carry. God is their father to and I can trust that he is aware of and taking care of everything that is necessary both to open people’s eyes to truth and to guard the honor of his name.

When I am secure like that, I can then offer grace to those around me rather than criticism and judgement and high-handed opinions.



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